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BHS Horse Knowledge, Care and Riding Stage 1

Mon 4.30pm-6.30pm  . Roll on Roll off weekly courses £38 pw for a 2 hour session which includes one hours riding and one hour care. Initial Assessment £28
This qualification will provide the holder with the competencies to apply basic principles of horse care. Working under supervision, the holder will have basic knowledge and practice of looking after a well-mannered horse in the stable and at grass. The holder will be capable of riding an experienced horse or pony in an enclosed space.

Holders of the Stage 1 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding Certificate will be able to progress to BHS Stage 2 Certificate in Horse Knowledge, Care and/or riding, however all candidates will require their BHS riding & road safety exam as a pre-requisite to stage 2. The Stage 1 certificate is recognised in its own right and provides a benchmark standard to employers. It is also a component part of the British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Certificate

BHS Horse Knowledge, Care and Riding Stage 2

Tues 12 noon-2pm.  Roll on Roll off weekly courses £38 pw. Initial Assessment £28
This qualification will provide the holder with competencies to apply general principles for the management of horses’ health and well being. Working under regular but not constant supervision, the holder will be able to care for stabled and grass kept horses during all seasons of the year. The holder will be able to ride an experienced horse or pony in the countryside and on the public highway as well as in a manege or indoor school.

Holders of the Stage 2 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding Certificate will be able to progress to BHS Stage 3 Certificate in Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 2 Care Certificate is also recognised as a qualification in its own right and is a technical certificate for the Equine Apprenticeship and Additional and Specialist Learning (ASL) for the 14 – 19 Environment and Land Based Diploma. The HK & R Stage 2 is a pre-requisite for the BHS Preliminary Teaching Test and is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.
Riding and Road Safety

Taken by more than 4,000 candidates a year, the Riding and Road Safety Test helps educate riders in road safety in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads. The test is available to all riders from 12 years of age and is supported by the Department for Transport. It is the only test that any rider will undertake that has the potential to save not only their own life but that of their horse and other road users as well.

The first course that we will be offering commences on Thursday 26th June at 6.30pm-9pm and will last for 5 weeks. The exam will take place on July 25th from 10.30am and will last approximately 4 hours.
The contents of the course can be seen on the BHS website: Here

There are only 10 places per course so please book asap.
Cost £135 for the course plus examiner fees (payable in advance).
Facts sheets are available on request. If you have any  queries please contact us on 0161 969 5853
Next Course Starts Thursday 26th June 2014 6.30pm-9pm. 5 weekly courses- £135. 

ABRS-Equitation Tests

Candidates begin with Equitation Test 1 of the ABRS Progressive Rider Tests, which begins with the most basic aspects of learning to ride and progresses through to Level 10 and Stable Management Tests These Tests are designed to enhance knowledge of horse care and management--Held on Thursday 5.30-6.30. Roll on Roll off Courses. £10 per hour


Carrington Riding Centre is  approved  as a BRITISH RIDING CLUB and are able to provide accredited courses for adults who want to improve their riding and care skills and have a social with like minded people at the same time.
This Club is open to HORSE OWNERS too who will be welcome to bring their own horse to the sessions.

The course takes place every Sunday from 3pm-5pm and will work towards the British Riding Clubs 'Riding & Horse Welfare' Stages. There will be a fun hack and a special dressage week included in the course.
The cost is only £25 for a 2 hour session and will include an hours riding in every session. Coffee and cakes will be provided after every session to enable you to interact with your fellow riders.
This is a great opportunity to belong to an established and recognised riding club as well as achieving recognised qualifications. Have fun and learn both at the same time.

'TAKE BACK THE REINS' at Carrington Riding Centre
It’s never too late to rekindle or discover a love of horses, pick up that journey and enjoy riding.............So, what is it?
It’s a series of horse riding lessons providing group coaching, specifically designed to support your first steps in order to get you into the saddle. It will help you develop your skills and progress within the sport, making sure you have fun along the way.
Horse riding is a hobby for people of all ages and abilities so there’s no need to use the excuse “I’m too old!” or “I’m not good enough”.
Come and join us for our next course (call for dates).
The course will last for 7 weeks and will have no more than 6 riders in each group.The lessons will be made of half an hour horse preparation, 40 mins riding and preparing horses for return to the stables and 20 minutes social (tea & biscuits) to get to know your fellow riders and chat about experiences.
The cost per lesson is just £20 (payable in advance)
Tel 0161 969 5853 to book or for more info


A chance for teens to achieve! Takes place every Monday night for a two hour session. Each session consists of an hour working towards a YELA (young equestrian leaders award), and then an hour’s ...riding and stable management on alternative weeks working towards ‘Pony Clubs’ efficiency awards. We will be starting with efficiency test D and then on a progressive basis.

These awards are seriously recognised within the equine industry.

Minimum age 13. Suitable for up to age 17. Only £12 per night
A great way to make friends with like minded young people who have a passion for horses!
Tel 0161 969 5853 for more info