Carrington Riding Centre, Isherwood Rd, Carrington, Manchester, M314BH
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We welcome all children between the ages of 8 to 16 (6+7 year olds are welcome to join in the activities from 10am-9pm daily). We cater for children of all standards. We have over 50 horses and ponies here, so you can be sure that you are teamed up with a mount that is suitable for your needs. We’ll teach the beginner from the start, we’ll give confidence to the nervous and we’ll challenge the advanced.

Many people come to Carrington Riding Centre on their own, some bring a friend and some come in groups from other riding schools. One thing is for certain, you will meet lots of new friends and have a fantastic time!!

Riding Activities.

There will be lots of riding throughout your stay.

Everyone will receive tuition to improve their riding skills and there will be plenty of hacking and walk outs in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. There will also be a number of fun lessons, which will include gymkhana games!

On the Friday we will have a Mini Show and everyone is encouraged to take part. There are plenty of rosettes to be won in various classes. Parents (and grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and friends etc.) are welcome to come and watch the Mini Show to see how your riding has improved. Although the activities are made as much fun as possible, there is an emphasis on learning. We want you to make the most of your stay and gain all round knowledge of the equestrian world.

Our friendly staff all have British Horse Society (B.H.S.) qualifications and you will be supervised in all activities.

Non-Riding Activities.

You will learn about looking after your pony through a series of demonstrations and lectures to make your learning as enjoyable as possible.

Your holiday co-ordinator will organise a variety of evening activities for you, ranging from a movie night, horse riding at night, building campfires, quizzes, treasure hunts, talent shows, cake making and much, much more!


We will be sleeping overnight in tents in an enclosed area at the back of the pony hut. The sleepover will be fully supervised by our staff members throughout the night.


You will receive 3 full meals each day; breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will also have a light supper before you go to bed. Vegetarian meals are available on request.

What To Bring.

Riding Clothes: Jodhpurs or leggings. (Jeans will do.)

Short or long riding boots. (If you do not have your own riding boots, then bring a pair of boots or shoes with a heel.)

Riding hat (Must be to current British Standard and can be provided if necessary.)

Waterproof coat.

If you have a show/tweed jacket, shirt and tie then bring them for the Mini Show.

Non-riding clothes 

Towels and toiletries

Dates Available For Overnight Tent Holidays.

July 23rd – July 27th

August 27th - August 31st

Overnight Tent holidays are £360 for 5 days and 4 nights

You should arrive at 9am Monday morning and should be collected before 5pm on the following Friday.

Day & Evening Only—For Age 6+

You are welcome to join in all the activities as above (with the exception of the sleepover) from 10am-9pm.

Cost £60 per person

Two days & One Night

If you’d like to come for a shorter stay, you are welcome to attend any 2 days and 1 night. Cost £120

PLEASE CALL 0161 969 5853 to book. £30 deposit required and full amount due two weeks before event.