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Riding Party Booking Form



Riding Party Booking Form

  • Thank you for booking a party at Carrington Riding Centre, riding is a thrilling and enjoyable pursuit enjoyed by millions. This document contains important information about riding and how we control risk at our centre and what we need you to do before your child’s party.

    BEFORE you complete this form, please click here to download the horse rider information document that you must distribute to the parent or guardian of every child attending

    We require you to return this form back to us, no later than the Wednesday before the date of your party.

    Please could you highlight any tall/heavy children to allow us to allocate the appropriate ponies/horses for your riders.

    The safety of all riders is paramount, and for the purposes of this party, all riders will be treated as beginners and will use horses/ponies which have been risk assessed and categorised as suitable for beginners.

    Whilst we have an excellent record for safety and all possible measures to control risk, whilst allowing your child to have a truly authentic riding experience, we do draw your attention to the horse rider’s code of conduct below.

    As the party organiser it is important that you send the attached Horse Riders Information form to all of the party attendees and their parents or guardians. Allowing your child and the other attendees to ride with us will be deemed as acceptance that you have read and accepted the horse rider’s code of conduct below and that other parents and guardians of children attending have done the same.

    Please do ensure that your child understands the importance of the code of conduct and we hope they have a fantastic time at Carrington.

  • Your Details

  • Party Details

  • Party Conditions

    All riders must wear long trousers, long sleeved top and shoes/boots with a smooth sole and small heel. Trainers, sandals, dresses, and shorts are not suitable. Riders who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to ride.

    We will require at least 4 adult leaders, to lead the ponies in the lesson, A safety talk is provided for or leaders who have not led a pony before.

    Leaders must wear full flat shoes suitable for a soft sand surface. For health and safety reasons open-toed shoes are not to be worn.

    All riders must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the party to allow time to prepare them for riding at the allocated time.

    The minimum age for riders is 2, although younger children are, of course, welcome to attend to party and minimum numbers are 6.

    We will provide safety hats for all children.

    PARTY BAGS- Please do not bring any balloons or anything that whistles as these upset our ponies. Dogs are also not allowed.

    Please do not stick any decorations to the walls of our party rooms as they have recently been decorated.

  • Participants

    For each participant please complete Name, Age/Date of Birth, Any medical conditions that we should be aware of and emergency contact information.